To Miss New Orleans


What is this song?

It’s the congregation of Black Spirits.
It's the blood.
It's the water.
It’s the drums of Congo Square.  
It’s the call and response of the Second Line. 
It’s the pleasure and pain of Storyville.  
It’s the syncopated funk.  
It’s the rhythm of the Bounce.  
It's the pride of young Black men marching in parades.
It's the beauty of the Big Chief.
It's the killer in the shadows.
It’s the wailing of the horns masking anger and outrage.  
It’s the joy of being free… if only for a moment.
It's the pain of leaving and grief of every year gone by.
It's the reality that all you have left are fading memories.
It’s the DECADE of tears cried from afar.
It’s the cry to The Creator.

It’s reaching back while fighting onward.  It’s African.  It’s American.  It’s New Orleans.  It’s me.

This song, for what it’s worth, is my whole-hearted attempt to preserve my culture the best way I know how… through music.